Apr. 2, 1772

“Ordinance” issued by Duke Adolphus Frederick (‘Adolf Friedrich’) IV [Archduchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz; Present-day Germany]: “[…] 4) Since there has been a sufficient regulation issued regarding foreign Jews being found with other Jews or in taverns, [a regulation] which the Jews living in Fürstenberg are required to obey […] and since [it stipulates…] that a each Jew [living in Fürstenburg] is liable for any foreign Jew who is found with him/living with him/at his house (‘bey ihm sich aufhandelde fremde Jude einzustehen verbuden ist’); […] it is ordered that if a foreign Jew is found in the city, the host/innkeeper (‘Wirt’), at whose establishment in which the Jew lodges, must inform the courts immediately or face a fine of 5 Rthlr. [Reichstahler]. He is to stop Jews immediately and ask that they ID themselves. [If the Jew has the proper paperwork, he’s not to be bothered further…] If it’s a foreign Jew who is traveling through the country and can legitimize his presence with the necessary certificates/permits, he can be allowed a 24 hour stay (‘Aufenthalt’) […] If he requires a longer stay for whatever reasons, it must be approved by the Government in writing and he may not stay past the time noted in his permit […] or pay 5 Rthlr. [Reichstahler] for every day he overstays. A Jew staying longer than 24 hours shall pay the treasury (‘Fiscum Judicii’) 24 ßl. per day. However, if the Jew does not have any passport or any other documents [… and] proper permission to be in the land […] he’s to be taken to the nearest border and expelled from the city […] if it’s too late in the day, he’s to be given a place to stay overnight and expelled first thing in the morning. If such a Jew is found in the land, […] he is to be empathically and severely beaten/receive bodily punishment (‘’nachdrücklich, allenfalls am Leibe, zu bestrafen’). […].” [Researcher’s note: A similar ordinance was issued on May 5, 1764.]
Repertorium der in den Herzogthum Mecklenburg-Strelitz geltenden Verordnungen. Herausgegeben von Kanzley-Rath von Kamptz zu Neustrelitz. (“Repertory of the valid/issued ordinances in the Duchy of Meckenburg-Strelitz. Edited by Legal Council of Kamptz of Neustrelitz.”); (Neubrandenburg; 1794); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 11/10/2018 ADD PAGE #