Sept. 10, 1772

Frankfurt: Reinforcing Edict of January 14, 1755 Forbidding Citizens and Jews to give any soldier anything else than is stated in the edict from January [Germany]: “It came to our attention that the citizens and Jews of this city impinge against the decree released on January 14, 1755. Citizens and Jews of this city are lending clothes, beverages, food and other wares against taxes to the here working soldiers. By this the soldiers are not only driven to chagrin, they also run into debts and are therefore tempted to desert. Therefore it became necessary to warn all citizens and especially the Jews one last time to reread the edict released in January. This edict forbids to give any, soldier no matter of which level of command he is, anything else than is stated in the edict from January. Metrics and weights are not to be overstepped. Citizens and Jews are also not allowed to lend them money or similar wares. All lenders shall be rejected from the department of war without being given their taxes. But they have to receive a penalty for acting against this law. Conclusum in Senatum, Thursday, September 10, 1772.”
Decrees Collection, AR 379, Leo Baeck Institute Archive, New York. Researched/Received Translation from Leo Baeck Institute 1/7/2015