Mar. 24, 1812

“Regulation of Jews in Prussia” Issued by King Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia [Prussia / Present-day Germany, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic]: “1) Jews are to enjoy the same rights as other citizen of Prussia, so long they take on Family names, and use either German or another living language to maintain their trade books, and to set up other legal documents and contracts; only signatures using German or Latin letters are accepted. 2) Jews are to take on Family names within six months of publication of these edicts and to report this to the local authorities, and be known by that name henceforward. 3) Jews who do not follow the regulations are to be considered foreign Jews and to be treated accordingly. 4) A foreign Jew is not given permission to remain in the country by marrying a local female Jew. 5) All Jews are to enjoy the same rights as Christians, except in Berlin where special laws pertaining to Jews remain valid. 6) Under no circumstances are Rabbis and Jewish elders to reside over judicial matters or make decision or give directions regarding guardianship. 7) Foreign Jews are not to remain in the country as long as they have not acquired a Prussian citizenship. 8) Foreign Jews are not allowed to be employed as Rabbis, church staff, runners, nor as trade or home servants. 9) Local Jews who are found in contempt of this regulation (8) are to owe the state 300 Reichsthaler; those who are not in a financial position to fulfill their obligation are to face the appropriate amount of jail time. Foreign Jews [in violation of this law] are to be escorted across the border.”
Heinemann, Jeremias.: Sammlung der die religiösen und bürgerliche Verfassung der Juden in den königl. Preuß Staaten betreffend den Gesetze, Vervordnungen, Gutaschten, Berichte und Erkenntinisse. 1831, p. 1 pp. Accessed online, Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 10/22/2015