Feb. 24, 1819

“Conducting of business of tolerated and foreign Jews” decree of the Lower-Austrian government to the Highest Police Authority [Lower-Austria; Present-day Austria]: “Certain abuses which the Jews of Vienna are allowing themselves to commit are to cease immediately or to be punished. Tolerated Jews are only to pursue those business which they have been ‘tolerated for’; they are not allowed to keep their business books in Hebrew and are responsible that their servants do not pursue any businesses on their own. […].”
Braumüller, Wilhelm: Urkunden und Akten zur Geschichte der Juden in Wien. Erste Abteilung. Allgemeiner Teil 1526-1847. Zweiter Band. (Wien) 1918; p. 385, Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 5/9/2016