Dec. 29, 1822

Order by the Vidzeme Government [Russia]: “16…The following Jews were not allowed to stay in Riga even in the time of yearly fairs: a) Artisans whose special mastership was not certified. b) Traveling salesmen and peddlers, even if they come under pretense of buying goods. c) Day-labourers. d) Rabbis, slaughterers (shochets), school and church servants, synagogue musicians. e) Those, who were declared to be sick or being stepchildren, as well as those, who presumably were wishing to convert to a Christian religion. …18. Documents for family members Those Jews who have taken with them their family members should had for them the appropriate documents.”
“Jews allowed to enter Riga 1822.” Bruno Martuzans. 2002, Accessed online article 1/10/2012