Mar. 12, 1830

Decree, issued by the Austrian Court-Chancellery to the state government of Moravia-Silesia [Present-day Czech Republic]: “1. Any distilleries which originally had been dominical but were no longer in the hands of the dominions when a Jew entered into a lease or purchase contract may remain in the ownership of the Jews, and their contracts held valid, if the distilleries were transferred to Jews before the court-chancellery decree of November 13, 1823, went into effect; the Jews may continue to will these distilleries to Jewish beneficiaries, or to sell them for money. […]  3. Each establishment may have only one Jewish family associated with it, and the master or owner has to belong to the [maximum] number of [Jewish] families prescribed for Moravia and Silesia. In this regard, the aforementioned court-chancellery decree of November 13, 1823, is to be followed exactly.” [Researcher’s note: Land and property were traditionally divided into dominical, or demesne, estates, owned by the lord, and rustical estates, held by the peasant.]
Kropatschek, Joseph. Sammlung der Gesetze, Ein und dreissigster Fortsetzungsband (Collection of the Laws, Vol. XXXI). Mösle & Braumüller: Vienna, 1832. Page 125. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/16/2020